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Guatemala City, Guatemala
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June 30 2016 (Mobile) - November 17 2016 (Steam)
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Your world is a world of trees. These trees need to grow and multiply. In this world you represent life, light and color, everything that’s good and everything that is in danger of imminent destruction. Carefully plan how to use your precious seeds and resources to expand your territory and fight those who would corrupt your world. Prove that you can survive in the world of Nanuleu.

Nanuleu is a RTS/Tower defense game where you control a network of magical trees that need to survive and defeat the enemies that attempt to destroy them. In this game your only task is to plant, but while doing so you need to choose between expansion, resource acquisition and defense. Your objectives are to capture certain points on the map and destroy your enemies, before it is too late.


This game was made by Guatemalan developers Selva Interactive. Nanuleu was originally made as an entry for the one month competition, Indie Game Maker Contest 2015, were it won the second place. We wanted to make a simple and challenging game. We tried to evoke a mystical and magical atmosphere and to create easy to understand mechanics that allowed the player to make complex decisions.

Nanuleu is a mayan K’iche’ word that means Mother Earth.


  • Original game mechanics, planting trees for expansion, resource adquisition, defense and attack.
  • Three game scenarios: First Contact, Invasion and Counter Attack.
  • Procedural generated land and enemy spawn locations. So you don't get the same game twice.
  • The color of the game elements changes according to your progress.




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Team & Repeating Collaborators

Carlos Villagran
Game Design, Programming
Alhvi Balcarcel
Art, Programming